Interested in being a senior rep?

Now Interviewing for 2023-2024 School year!

I am excited to announce my High School Senior Rep Photography Program and invite all seniors to apply to be part of this unique and rewarding experience.

Interested in being a senior rep?

Now Interviewing for 2023-2024 School year!

I am excited to announce my High School Senior Rep Photography Program and invite all seniors to apply to be part of this unique and rewarding experience.

Senior Rep Program

Hi there! My name is Anita McLeod and I'm what you may refer to as a bit of a photography fanatic. Some call my love of photography an obsession; I call it a passion. Either way, one thing's for certain: I love taking photos! Better yet, I love taking photos of people. I truly love photographing seniors because it’s such a special time in their lives and it’s an honor to be able to capture their personalities and memories in photographs.

I take a sort of unique approach to the idea of senior pictures by placing a heavy emphasis on fully thought out, cohesive sessions that are tailored down to the minute detail for my client (male or female)! Leading up to the sessions, we'll discuss outfits, props, hair, makeup and/or skincare and more. 

To make sure my senior portrait machine -- AKA business! -- is well oiled, I run a Senior Representative Program, which is pretty snazzy if I do say so myself. You get to represent my brand and get a chance to earn some swag along the way!

Anyway, I know you're probably burning with questions about the program, so I'll just keep moving right along. As you go through this informational guide on my Senior Rep Program, you'll learn what the program is, how it works, what the perks are, how to become involved and more. 

Can't wait to hear from you! 


What is a Senior Rep Program?

So you wanna know more about our Senior Representative Program? You've come to the right place! 

In a few words, my Senior Rep Program is a mutually beneficial relationship between my studio and local seniors. In the end, everyone involved in the program gains in various ways. Yep -- you do get tangible perks (noted in the coming pages) and I do garner more business as a direct result of working with you. But you know what else we all gain? New found friendships! Fantastic experiences! Laughs, hugs and a lot more.

Selecting Representatives:

So here's the deal: Anita McLeod Photography accepts applicants from juniors and seniors at nearby high schools who wish to be a part of the Senior Rep Program. We're looking for students who are actively involved in school programs and/or the community, students who are friendly, kind and easy to talk to, students who thrive in creative settings, and students who are, in general, just really great people. 

As a representative of Anita McLeod Photography, you are an extension of what my studio is all about. For that reason, it's important to me to work with a diverse selection of senior representatives. Athletes, academic champions, musically-inclined, community members and more.

How many do I choose?

Depending on application numbers -- and the students who apply -- I select roughly 4-6 local students to call my senior representatives. Once accepted, you'll receive an email letting you know that it's GAME ON (that means get excited)!

Taking The Pictures

I'll schedule individual sessions with each of my senior representatives. 

These sessions will take place at different locations. Said locations are yet to be announced, but I can 100% assure that they. are. seriously. cool! We will chat about outfits and you’ll get to pick from my locations. I can’t wait to see what we come up with together! Your session will be about 30-45 minutes. 

We'll spend the day pretending we're celebrities and rock stars. And we'll have a blast! From there, I'll edit the photographs and we'll start posting them across social media and in local publications. 

Once you've got your hands on some sweet rep business cards, it's up to you to take to your school halls and streets and spread the word about Anita McLeod Photography. The more you spread the word and the more seniors you send my way, the more you get out of the program!

Speaking of perks, let's get to that right now...

Perks of being a Senior Rep


Once you're accepted into the program, you automatically get to participate in a photo session.

This session typically takes place before the school year begins. This allows me to go through all the photographs from each session, select the best ones, edit them and prepare materials for each of my senior representatives. These final images and materials are what you'll use throughout the school year to advertise and spread the word about Anita McLeod Photography.  


All the images from our photo session will go into an online photo gallery. This gallery allows you to share photographs easily with friends and family who want to see all the final pictures from our session. This is also a great tool to use when sending referrals my way.


I'll custom create business cards that feature your favorite photo from our session. Now that's a surefire way to impress friends and family! These cards are for you to hand out to potential clients and include a unique reference code that traces sales back to you. The more cards you hand out, the more clients you book for me. The more clients you book for me, the more you'll get! I'll start you off with a big supply of business cards, but if you run out we can get you more.


That's right -- you'll get half off every print and product I offer. That includes gift prints, wall prints, albums and more. 


I'll send you a questionnaire loaded with questions about you, your current hobbies, your dreams, your future plans and more. The blog post will appear on my blog and will include pictures of you from our session. The blog post will also note that you were a hand selected senior representative for the studio. This is another great advertising tool you can use as a senior rep.

The extended perks program

All of the aforementioned are things you get no matter what. To sweeten the deal -- and to incentivize all my senior reps even further -- I have an Extended Perks Program. Check it out:

For every five referrals you send my way that book and pay for a session with Anita McLeod Photography, you'll receive a $50 credit with the studio. This credit can go toward an additional, personalized senior portrait session (should you desire), a session in our studio, cap and gown session, or towards a family session. Note that this $50 credit does not stack with your 50% discount for prints. 

You'll also receive a $50 Visa gift card for every additional five referrals thay pay and book a session after those first five. 

Note that all your referrals will receive 15% off their session, plus a discount code for prints and products!

How to get more with our Senior Rep Program

Even though it may sound a little scary, advertising and sending in referrals isn't too difficult. My best advice for spreading the word about Anita McLeod Photography is to simply use the resources you already have and play it cool! Here are my seven tips for snagging referrals:


If you're a senior, chances are the topic of senior photos is bound to come up. Take that opportunity to ask where your friends are planning to have their pictures done. If they haven't booked a session with another photographer and are still looking, tell them about your experience and hand them your senior rep card. Make sure you let them know they'll get a 15% discount when they use your unique referral code. 


You'll receive some digital marketing files from the photo session that are tailored for various social media outlets. Post these things to your Facebook wall, Twitter feed, Pinterest boards and even Instagram. These already have your unique referral code on them, too, so sharing them helps you bring in more clients. 


Every senior representative gets a blog post featuring him or her! Make sure you share this as soon as it goes up, but don't stop there. You can post it several months down the road, too.


While we don't encourage mass emails or unsolicited messages, we do think it's wise to send out your blog post, photo gallery and senior representative information to friends and family via email. You never know who they'll forward it to!


We know you're going to have a blast at your photo session, so why not share all the cool details with friends and family? We wouldn't even be opposed to you snapping a few pictures at the session to share on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! 


Heading to the school library? Leave a few business card in the pages of a popular book. Grabbing a smoothie from the coffee shop? Ask if you can set some business cards on the coffee tables. Watching a movie at the local theater? Place some cards on the bench in the bathroom! Spending the Sunday at church? Tack some cards to the lobby bulletin board!


You should be proud of the fact that you were selected from a sea of applicants to be a representative for Anita McLeod Photography! Share that information with everyone you know. Family members and friends will likely be excited for and proud of you. Plus, the more you share, the more they'll share! 

Frequently asked questions

How do you choose your senior representatives? 

I choose students based on a lot of factors. In general, I'm looking for students who are kind and friendly, and who are involved in their school and/or the community.

What schools do you need reps from?

I accept representatives from all area schools. I like to choose representatives from multiple schools, but I will accept more than one person from the same school.

Do I have a say in what I wear or where we shoot? 

Generally speaking, yes. I'd love to see what you have for clothing choices, as well. So we can decide together. We will also select the session location together, but I love hearing your suggestions! For my reps, I like to stay local to the area with locations.

How many representatives do you choose each year? 

This varies depending on how many students apply, as I like to accept a wide variety of local students. Typically, I select between 4-6 students that come from area high schools. 

Do I have to be a senior to be a representative? 

Nope! I select current juniors and future/current seniors to be representatives for the Anita McLeod Photography Senior Rep Program. My only stipulation from there is that you are able to serve as a rep for one full year. If you're planning to graduate early, I'd sign up as a junior. 

Can I order prints and products from my session? 

Yep, you can! All my senior representatives receive 50% off the price of prints and products. For every five clients you refer (who book and pay), you'll also receive a credit. This can be used toward a full, one-on-one session, or a session for your family.

If I'm selected, what should I bring to the session? 

Just bring yourself! If you have something you want to bring, shoot me an email or give me a ring and we'll discuss! 

How should I prepare for my session?

You can prepare in any way you prefer. Some clients like to get haircuts shortly before the session. Get their hair styled the morning or afternoon of. Others get pedicures or manicures. What's most important is that you bring yourself! 

What happens if I don't bring you any referrals? 

All I ask is that you try to spread the word about Anita McLeod Photography. There is no penalty if you don't bring in any referrals, but I have a feeling you won't have a problem sending people my way! 

How do I apply to be a senior rep?

I have a questionnaire application that you will fill out below. Make sure you fill it out with the deadline and include three photographs of yourself to my email

You can email them to me at

Done and Done! You made it to the end!

Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. Your responses are invaluable to me as they help me understand more about you and get a better sense of whether you would be a good fit for my Senior Rep program. I appreciate your thoughtful answers, and I am looking forward to learning more about you.