An Intimate Farm Wedding at Agua Linda Farm in Amado, Arizona: Kayla and PJ's Rustic and Relaxed Affair

Agua Linda Farm, located in Amado, Arizona, is the perfect backdrop for an intimate farm weddng. It offers a stunning view of the Santa Rita Mountains and acres of beautiful farmland, making it an ideal location for couples who want to celebrate their special day surrounded by natural beauty.

Kayla and PJ chose Agua Linda Farm for their wedding, and it turned out to be a perfect choice. The couple wanted a small, intimate wedding that would be relaxed and laid-back, and the farm provided the perfect setting for their vision.

The ceremony took place in a beautiful outdoor space, with the mountains in the background and the farm’s lush greenery all around. The couple exchanged vows under a rustic wooden backdrop adorned with flowers and greenery, which complemented the natural surroundings perfectly.

After the ceremony, guests enjoyed a cocktail hour on the lawn, sipping on refreshing drinks and nibbling on delicious appetizers. The atmosphere was casual and relaxed, with guests mingling and enjoying the beautiful setting.

The reception took place in a beautlful garden area, which had been transformed into a charming and cozy space for the occasion. The space was adorned with string lights, candles, and rustic decor, which created a warm and inviting atmosphere. The couple opted for a family-style dinner, with large round tables set up to encourage conversation and connection.

The food was farm-to-table and absolutely delicious, with fresh, locally sourced ingredients that perfectly captured the flavors of the Southwest. Guests dined on roasted chicken, grilled vegetables, and fresh salads, all of which were served family-style and encouraged guests to connect with one another.

As the night wore on, guests danced to music provided by the in house DJ, enjoying the warm Arizona evening and the company of their loved ones. The evening ended with the cutting of the cake, a beautiful creation made by one of Kaylas close friends, which was as delicious as it was beautiful.

Kayla and PJ's intimate farm wedding at Agua Linda Farm was a beautiful and memorable celebration of their love. It perfectly captured the couple's vision of a relaxed and laid-back wedding, surrounded by natural beauty and the company of their closest family and friends. The farm provided the perfect setting, with its stunning views and rustic charm, and it was clear that everyone in attendance had a wonderful time celebrating the happy couple.