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I am so looking forward to Stephanie and Zach's wedding this year! 

We beat the heat and got their engagements done! 

For Christmas, Stephanies siblings wanted to update her parents' picture wall with current pictures of everyone in the family. Stephanie and Zach  did not have any formal or nice pictures together besides some random goofy ones on her phone. She informed her siblings about this and her sister-in-law volunteered to take some pictures for them.

She also asked their roommate to tag along to get some candid shots for them since her sister-in-law is not a professional photographer. They decided to go to a wash in Queen Creek that was popular for family pictures. They took some different posed pictures with them standing and then their roommate suggested some seated shots. They laid out a blanket and took some seated shots. Then their roommate told me to stand up and get off the blanket so that she could position Zach. She put him in a kneeled position. Not thinking too much about it, I thought she was going to do something goofy and have me sit on his knee. Instead of positioning me, she told me to walk up to the blanket. As I was walking towards the blanket, I see Zach pull out the ring box and I knew exactly what was going on. I'm standing on the blanket hunched over in excitement and disbelief. Tears are starting to build up in my eyes. Zach tried to say something super romantic but he was so nervous that all he could get out was, "I know we've been together for a long time and you've been waiting for this. I love you. Will you marry me?" I obviously said yes and we kissed and hugged. The rest of the time that we were at the wash my sister-in-law and roommate got a couple more pictures of us and the ring. That was pretty much it.

Hope you enjoy their session we did at the Gilbert Riparian Preserve!

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