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Elopements in Sedona are everything!!!

Sedona is one of my absolute favorite places to escape to, even if it's just for the day. 

Matilda and Phil met when he was doing a scan for her daughter, he's a chiropractor. 

Matilda is from New Jersey, where they reside now. And Phil is originally from California. 



Their first date was at the Asbury park hotel cafe. They met at 9am for tea. The earliest date Matilda had ever been on. 

6868 7878 Phil proposed on their two year anniversary in a botanical garden. 

It was just the two of them and a butterfly that Matilda connected with and realized it was her mother there with them. 

She had passed away a few months prior to the proposal. 

9797 Being in nature with the red rock energy field, being blessed by the Shaman was a very important thing to both of them. 

As well as sharing the beautiful moment with their family that was there to celebrate with them. 

1414 They are both health conscious, with Matilda being an Aesthetician and Phil being a Chiropractor, they love to focus on self care,

being in nature, traveling and spending time with friends and family. 

They like to cook healthy meals together, and trade services on each other. 

What two great fields to be in to be able to do that!


It was a beautiful ceremony. 

Now onto the rest! 

Amazing to work with Cloth and Flame! I am obsessed with their work. 

You can see their work here: Cloth and Flame

Their food is wonderful too!

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Setups by Cloth and Flame

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How gorgeous are these flowers!!

228228 Their rings were stunning and very unique. 

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These first dance vibes are everything!

I always love the parent dances. 

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And of course, I had to get a few more in during that magical golden hour!

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