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With everything going on in the world right now, non essential businesses are shut down. And that unfortunately means photographers are too. 

I am working on my shop and prints will be available for purchase soon. I'm really excited about that! 

Weddings being canceled or postponed, engagement sessions being postponed. 

It's a tough time being a creative right now. But thankfully, I belong to some amazing groups of creatives and we are all supporting each other through this. The amount of creativity I'm seeing is absolutely amazing. The amount of support everyone shows in these groups is amazing as well, and I am so happy to have them. 

So Gina and I decided to try some FaceTime action. 

We did pretty good. We make an incredible team in person, so I knew we would rock the FaceTime shoot!

We did have a little help from her boyfriend Ryan, who was the phone holder/direction taker! 

We got so many incredible shots in such a short amount of time! 

These images are perfect for social media and a print probably no bigger than a 4x6 because of the cell phone quality.

I had to throw in some creative shots with my old camera collection too!

I absolutely love creating art with Gina and can't wait to shoot in person when this is all over. 

Until then, stay strong and healthy everyone. We will get through this. 

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