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I absolutely loved everything about this session! 

Fernando and I go back to high school.So when he contacted me to do a couples session with him and his fiance, 

of course I said yes! Fernando and I were in marching band together.  Yes, I was in marching band! 

I played flute and piccolo! It was such a pleasure to meet Ashlee. She is such a doll!  6S0A47086S0A4708 For their session, we met in the middle. I was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona and that is where Ashlee and Fernando live.

I live in the Phoenix, Arizona area now. Soon to be moving to Reno, Nevada. So we met in the middle at one of my favorite places, Picacho Peak.

6S0A47176S0A4717 The overcast really made for an amazing session! 


We had a lot of laughs and had so many amazing photos! 6S0A47316S0A4731   6S0A47516S0A4751 I always love a good walking and laughing photo!

6S0A47806S0A4780 I mean, how beautiful is that background! With my love of nature, I really love to showcase the beauty in the scenery in my photos!


6S0A48416S0A4841 How beautiful is this ring! I absolutely love ring shots! 

6S0A48476S0A4847 It looks pretty good on this old cactus too!

6S0A48706S0A4870 What a way to end a session! I'm looking forward to getting up to Reno, Nevada and exploring the beautiful scenery up there! Although the Arizona 

desert is just one of the most beautiful places ever! And I'm lucky to have grown up and lived in such a beautiful place!


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