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Being a former gymnast and dancer, I will always love the beauty and grace of a ballerina. Especially En Pointe. My love of outdoor boudoir and ballet, were perfect for this session! 

We were a little worried about this shoot happening that day due to the rains, but the sky cleared up and gave us the best light and I absolutely love the wet look! It really gave a moody feel to this session! 

6S0A69606S0A6960 6S0A69556S0A6955 6S0A69516S0A6951 6S0A69566S0A6956 6S0A69656S0A6965 6S0A69666S0A6966 6S0A69676S0A6967 6S0A69176S0A6917 6S0A69166S0A6916 6S0A69226S0A6922 6S0A69356S0A6935 6S0A69416S0A6941 6S0A69486S0A6948 6S0A69986S0A6998 6S0A70756S0A7075 6S0A70906S0A7090 6S0A71106S0A7110 6S0A71126S0A7112


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