ANITA MCLEOD PHOTOGRAPHY: Blog en-us (C) ANITA MCLEOD PHOTOGRAPHY (ANITA MCLEOD PHOTOGRAPHY) Sun, 01 May 2022 17:42:00 GMT Sun, 01 May 2022 17:42:00 GMT ANITA MCLEOD PHOTOGRAPHY: Blog 80 120 JUSTINE AND JAKE THE BUTTES AT REFLECTIONS TUCSON ARIZONA One of my favorite venues in Tucson is The Buttes at Reflections. 

It sits right on the base of Pusch Ridge in the Santa Catalinas. 

My favorite thing to do there is to head out at golden hour for some dreamy bridals with the mountains in the background. 

I love everything about this venue and all of the photo opportunities there!

Here's a little bit about the couple. 

Justine and Jake met at their senior prom. 

Their first date was at Sauce and then they got Frost for dessert after. 

For their proposal, Jake planned a surprise trip for to Sedona. They went on a hike at Cathedral Rock.

When they got to the top he got down on one knee and proposed.

Justine had no idea it was happening and it was a very special moment for her. 

Justine graduated from The University of Arizona with a BFA in Dance.

She is a dance teacher at a few local studios in town. Jake is in the Army and is currently stationed in Fort Benning, Georgia.

A few of the things they like to do together is watching movies, getting ice cream, doing stuff outdoors like going on walks or hikes, and go swimming.

So after learning a little about the couple, here's their big day! They were amazing to work with and the sweetest couple! 

These are all of the reasons why I love what I do, and absolutely love photographing weddings!



1717 1818

3434 4545 4747 4848

5656 5555 5757 5959

6767 7979 8080 8282 8585 8787

9292 First looks with dad always get me!

9393 9696 9898 9999 103103 105105 106106

126126 129129 133133 135135 138138 139139 141141 143143 148148 149149 153153 154154 155155 159159 160160 158158 163163 165165 167167 180180 181181 186186 188188 182182 204204 205205 206206 210210
245245 247247 255255 252252 261261 273273 276276 278278 282282 285285 293293 294294 296296 297297 299299 302302 303303 307307 360360 373373 377377 419419 428428 447447 462462 474474 492492 497497 494494 499499 And a beautiful night shot to end the night! I love when my brides let me get creative in the dark!

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ALI AND MAX ENGAGEMENT SESSION SALT RIVER PHOENIX ARIZONA I am so excited to be photographing these two lovebirds wedding this month! 

I met these two through another wedding I photographed. 

We met, instantly clicked and here we are! 

These two are so fun and have so much personality. 

I cannot wait for their wedding! So stay tuned for that!  33 When your session starts off like this, you know it's going to be good!

3030 Seriously, how cute are they!


4949 I always recommend an outfit change. Something comfortable and something fancy for that beautiful golden hour light!

5454 I am obsessed with that golden hour glow that you get right before the sun goes behind the mountains. 

5555 5858 6060 6363 6464 6565 6666 7070 7272 7373 7575 7676 7878 8080 8181 8282 8484 8686 8585 8787 8989 9090 9191 8888 9595 9696 9797 9898 101101

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DANIELLE AND BRAD Danielle and Brad's wedding was beautiful!

It started a few days before with a first look at the Superstition Mountains in Apache Junction. 

Then we went to the sealing at the Phoenix Temple in Glendale Az. 

Followed by a ring ceremony at Brads parents house. 

Such a beautiful home with some fun farm animals I found across the street!

I just love all of the animals and can't wait to add some to our new ranch soon!

Which will be a whole new blog post on our big move.

But for now, here's Danielle and Brad's first look and wedding day!

Enjoy! 33 66 77 99 1111 Always fun to have friends and family come to help! 

Danielle wanted to give Brad a hug before the actual big reveal!

1515 1717 1818 2222 2424 2727 I live for this light! If I could shoot everything during golden hour, I would be a happy girl! 

Isn't it just dreamy?!

3434 3737 3838 4141 4646 4747 5252 5858 6464 6565 7373 7979 8181 8383 8484 9191 9797 9999 102102 And now onto the wedding day!

66 1212 1414 1616 1919 3737 5555 6161

We took a small break from the morning sealing until the ring ceremony that evening. 

Upon returning from our break, I couldn't help but hit up the farm across the street since I was a little early!

7676 7878 7979 8181 8282 8383 I definitely made a new little friend that day. 

6969 7373 9393 9292 9696 9595 103103 105105 116116 122122 147147 152152 156156 157157 175175 184184 205205 230230 229229 239239 249249 253253 255255 259259 263263 266266 269269 270270 271271 274274 278278 281281 284284 283283 285285 288288 298298 316316 320320 331331 344344

Who doesn't love a sparkler exit!

I really hope they never go out of style, because I'm kind of obsessed with them!

429429 431431 432432 433433 434434 435435

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MATILDA AND PHIL SEDONA ELOPEMENT Elopements in Sedona are everything!!!

Sedona is one of my absolute favorite places to escape to, even if it's just for the day. 

Matilda and Phil met when he was doing a scan for her daughter, he's a chiropractor. 

Matilda is from New Jersey, where they reside now. And Phil is originally from California. 



Their first date was at the Asbury park hotel cafe. They met at 9am for tea. The earliest date Matilda had ever been on. 

6868 7878 Phil proposed on their two year anniversary in a botanical garden. 

It was just the two of them and a butterfly that Matilda connected with and realized it was her mother there with them. 

She had passed away a few months prior to the proposal. 

9797 Being in nature with the red rock energy field, being blessed by the Shaman was a very important thing to both of them. 

As well as sharing the beautiful moment with their family that was there to celebrate with them. 

1414 They are both health conscious, with Matilda being an Aesthetician and Phil being a Chiropractor, they love to focus on self care,

being in nature, traveling and spending time with friends and family. 

They like to cook healthy meals together, and trade services on each other. 

What two great fields to be in to be able to do that!


It was a beautiful ceremony. 

Now onto the rest! 

Amazing to work with Cloth and Flame! I am obsessed with their work. 

You can see their work here: Cloth and Flame

Their food is wonderful too!

178178 205205

Setups by Cloth and Flame

206206 226226

How gorgeous are these flowers!!

228228 Their rings were stunning and very unique. 

232232 234234 235235 237237 240240


These first dance vibes are everything!

I always love the parent dances. 

294294 292292



313313 308308


And of course, I had to get a few more in during that magical golden hour!

384384 373373 378378





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STEPHANIE AND ZACH SHENANDOAH MILL WEDDING GILBERT ARIZONA So, I met Stephanie's parents at the dog park where we used to live. 

We have moved recently and I will definitely be posting about that soon! 

So many plans, and so many possibilities!

Although I have a decent amount of weddings still scheduled in Phoenix, I will be traveling there often. 

I met up with Stephanie and Zach at an amazing coffeeshop called Black Rock Coffee Bar in Chandler. 

We chatted a bit and I am so thankful they chose me as their wedding photographer!

We got to know each other a little more during their engagement session, which is posted on an older blog. 

You can catch up on their love story a bit on that blog too! 

Their wedding at Shenandoah Mill was beautiful. It is an old flour mill that used to be in operation, was bought and moved to Arizona from Virginia. 

The gardens are a perfect place if you're looking for some beautiful greenery mixed with some rustic charm. 

I love unique places like this venue! 

Arizona definitely has some amazing venues!

Both the bridesmaids and groomsmen were a ton of fun! And as you can see, Stephanie is full of laughter and smiles. 

And if you're wondering about the photo with everyone raising their hands, the officiant had asked who gets personal thank you cards, 

happy birthday cards and other things from Stephanie? She is a very kind and thoughtful person and you could definitely tell she is very loved by many!

Don't worry Zach, you're awesome too! That's why Stephanie choose you!


1111 2121 2323 3030 3333 3737 4242 4141 4545 5454 6262 6666 7171 7373 8181 9393 9696 105105 149149 158158 169169 171171 172172 174174 176176 182182 181181 183183 184184 189189 192192 195195 207207 210210 213213 215215 222222 231231 236236 249249 252252 258258 290290 292292 296296 304304 307307 311311 336336 341341 345345 346346 354354 359359 363363 367367 379379 409409 425425

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SURAYAH AND TRISTAN LONGHOLLOW RANCH SISTERS OREGON I was honored when our long time friends asked me to photograph their granddaughters wedding in Oregon. 

The wedding was at Long Hollow Ranch. It is an amazing property with a bed and breakfast as well. 

My husband made the trip with me and we had a great time staying on property and feeling like part of the family. 

Being on property gave me an opportunity to capture the boys fishing the morning of the wedding while the Surayah and the girls were getting ready.

Surayah did a first look with Tristan and her dad. First looks give me all the feels. 

If you opt for a traditional wedding, a first look with your bridesmaids is also fun!

I also had fun taking photos of the farm animals. I'm just slightly obsessed with goats. And horses. 


11 22 33 44 55 99 1313 1616 1919 2020 2222 2323 2929 3131 5959 6161 7474 8080 8484 9090 9595 9292

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STEPHANIE AND ZACH RIPARIAN PRESERVE GILBERT ARIZONA ENGAGEMENTS I am so looking forward to Stephanie and Zach's wedding this year! 

We beat the heat and got their engagements done! 

For Christmas, Stephanies siblings wanted to update her parents' picture wall with current pictures of everyone in the family. Stephanie and Zach  did not have any formal or nice pictures together besides some random goofy ones on her phone. She informed her siblings about this and her sister-in-law volunteered to take some pictures for them.

She also asked their roommate to tag along to get some candid shots for them since her sister-in-law is not a professional photographer. They decided to go to a wash in Queen Creek that was popular for family pictures. They took some different posed pictures with them standing and then their roommate suggested some seated shots. They laid out a blanket and took some seated shots. Then their roommate told me to stand up and get off the blanket so that she could position Zach. She put him in a kneeled position. Not thinking too much about it, I thought she was going to do something goofy and have me sit on his knee. Instead of positioning me, she told me to walk up to the blanket. As I was walking towards the blanket, I see Zach pull out the ring box and I knew exactly what was going on. I'm standing on the blanket hunched over in excitement and disbelief. Tears are starting to build up in my eyes. Zach tried to say something super romantic but he was so nervous that all he could get out was, "I know we've been together for a long time and you've been waiting for this. I love you. Will you marry me?" I obviously said yes and we kissed and hugged. The rest of the time that we were at the wash my sister-in-law and roommate got a couple more pictures of us and the ring. That was pretty much it.

Hope you enjoy their session we did at the Gilbert Riparian Preserve!

99 44 1212 1616 1818 2020 2222 2424 2626 2727 2929 3333 3232 3434 3535 3737 3838 4242 4747 5050 5252 5454 5757 5959 6060 6161 6262 6363 6464 6969

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PETRIAN AND ANTHONY Superstition Manor is becoming one of my favorite venues to photograph weddings at. 

The staff is amazing and organized. The getting ready suites are amazing, they are huge! One even has a pool table.

 And the food isn't too bad either. 

I'm a huge foodie and get pretty hungry at dinnertime photographing a wedding!

And I always love anything that has to do with the Superstition Mountains. It is one of my favorite places

to photograph in the Phoenix area. 

I won't keep you waiting any longer, enjoy their beautiful wedding day!

55 4848 7373 105105 110110 121121 124124 141141 147147 151151 154154 161161 176176 180180 189189 215215 224224 246246 256256 263263 277277 288288 290290


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HAYLEY AND CHASE PRESCOTT WEDDING Hayley and Chase had a beautiful wedding on top of the mountain in Prescott.

The weather was beautiful and the scenery was absolutely stunning! 

I love my desert down here in Phoenix, but I love escaping to the mountains too!

Arizona is such a beautiful state with so much to offer! So happy to call this place home my whole life!

11 55 3434 3939 4848 5454 5656 5959 6262 6666 6969 7171 7575 9797 101101 104104 111111 116116 119119 123123 125125 129129 131131 134134 136136 138138 141141 146146 147147 149149 153153 165165 170170 173173 174174 177177 179179 199199 200200 206206 208208 213213 216216 217217 222222 225225 227227 231231 240240 245245 251251 255255 253253 252252 261261 264264 267267 269269 270270 276276 288288 294294 297297 302302 303303 308308 316316 321321 323323 327327 330330 336336 339339 360360 363363 375375 434434 435435 442442 444444 446446 449449 455455 467467 474474 480480

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AMNA AND HAIDER BACKYARD PAKISTANI WEDDING This small Pakistani wedding in Tucson was a perfect backyard wedding. 

With close friends and family, you could feel the love and welcoming of guests to this intimate wedding. 

Amnas dress was absolutely beautiful and she made the most beautiful bride!

I am also in love with her beautiful jewelry. 


1313 1515 1818 1919 2020 2121 2222 2424 2727 2929 3232

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SIERRA AND NICK SHERATON GRAND AT WILD HORSE PASS Sierra and Nicks wedding was absolutely beautiful. I love the Sheraton at Wild Horse Pass. I used to work at the Aji Spa there doing hair and makeup. 

It was one of my favorite jobs as a stylist. They take really great care of their employees, and the lunch wasn't too bad either. 

Hair and makeup by the amazing Uilani with Bridal Beauty Beyond and Alvin Moyer

Uilani also made Sierras traditional Hawaiian Headpiece. 

Since I'm always horrible at writing more than a paragraph, here's the photos!

77 44 1010 1212 2121 2525 2626 2828 3232 3333 5050 116116 118118 146146 150150 164164 166166 173173 181181 186186 202202 203203 206206 211211 219219 222222 220220 233233 249249 257257 261261 277277 282282 295295 299299 303303 302302 310310 313313 324324 333333 335335 416416 420420 452452 456456 463463 471471 474474 475475 477477 478478 481481 483483 489489 512512 517517 566566 573573

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KRISTEN AND BRIAN CHAPEL OF THE HOLY DOVE FLAGSTAFF ELOPEMENT When Kristen asked me of I would go to Flagstaff, Az for an elopement, of course I said yes! I love traveling all over my beautiful home state to capture beautiful weddings and elopements. 

This elopement was at a place called Chapel of the Holy Dove. It's been in Flagstaff since the 1960s. 

It was the perfect place for this elopement!

After, we did some bridals, family and friends photos, then ventured downtown to get some more photos in before I headed home and they went to their dinner celebration. 

Of course I couldn't leave before doing some shopping in downtown Flagstaff. And getting my favorite Lavender Lemonade from Steep Leaf Lounge. 


44 88 1010 1616 1818 1919 2020 2222 2626 3030 3131 3333 3535 3636 4040 4242 4343 4444 4747 4848 8484 8686 8585 9090 9191 9393 9494 9595 9898 9999 101101 103103 105105 109109 111111 112112 114114 129129 133133 134134 136136 138138 141141 143143 144144 148148 149149


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RACHEL AND DALLIN GILBERT ARIZONA TEMPLE FIRST LOOK AND BRIDAL SESSION Rachel and Dallins first look and bridal session was definitely worth waking up early to catch the sunrise!

They were the cutest and so much fun to work with! I absolutely love the Gilbert Temple. It's so beautiful and really makes for some great photos. 


The anticipation of seeing your bride for the first time!


Rachels custom made dress was absolutely perfect!

6S0A75126S0A7512 6S0A75136S0A7513 6S0A75146S0A7514 6S0A75166S0A7516 6S0A75186S0A7518 6S0A75196S0A7519 6S0A75206S0A7520 6S0A75226S0A7522 6S0A75236S0A7523 6S0A75276S0A7527 6S0A75286S0A7528 6S0A75296S0A7529 6S0A75316S0A7531 6S0A75336S0A7533 6S0A75346S0A7534 6S0A75356S0A7535 6S0A75366S0A7536 6S0A75376S0A7537 6S0A75386S0A7538 6S0A75406S0A7540 6S0A75416S0A7541 6S0A75426S0A7542 6S0A75436S0A7543 6S0A75446S0A7544 6S0A75456S0A7545 6S0A75466S0A7546 6S0A75476S0A7547 6S0A75486S0A7548 6S0A75536S0A7553 6S0A75566S0A7556 6S0A75596S0A7559 6S0A75606S0A7560 6S0A75616S0A7561 6S0A75626S0A7562 6S0A75686S0A7568 6S0A75716S0A7571 6S0A75736S0A7573 6S0A75746S0A7574 6S0A75786S0A7578 6S0A75796S0A7579 6S0A75806S0A7580 6S0A75816S0A7581 6S0A75856S0A7585 6S0A75916S0A7591 6S0A75926S0A7592 6S0A75946S0A7594 6S0A75956S0A7595 6S0A75966S0A7596 6S0A76016S0A7601 6S0A76056S0A7605 6S0A76066S0A7606 6S0A76076S0A7607 6S0A76086S0A7608 6S0A76096S0A7609 6S0A76116S0A7611 6S0A76126S0A7612 6S0A76156S0A7615 6S0A76146S0A7614 6S0A76136S0A7613 6S0A76186S0A7618 6S0A76266S0A7626 6S0A76296S0A7629 6S0A76286S0A7628 6S0A76346S0A7634 6S0A76366S0A7636 6S0A76356S0A7635 6S0A76416S0A7641 6S0A76406S0A7640 6S0A76376S0A7637 6S0A76436S0A7643 6S0A76466S0A7646 6S0A76456S0A7645 6S0A76546S0A7654 6S0A76566S0A7656 6S0A76596S0A7659 6S0A76616S0A7661 6S0A76606S0A7660 6S0A76656S0A7665 6S0A76686S0A7668 6S0A76666S0A7666 6S0A76706S0A7670 6S0A76776S0A7677 6S0A76716S0A7671 6S0A76816S0A7681 6S0A76876S0A7687 6S0A76896S0A7689 6S0A76906S0A7690 6S0A76926S0A7692 6S0A76936S0A7693 6S0A76966S0A7696 6S0A76976S0A7697 6S0A77036S0A7703 6S0A76996S0A7699 6S0A77046S0A7704 6S0A77176S0A7717 6S0A77246S0A7724 6S0A77226S0A7722 6S0A77236S0A7723 6S0A77256S0A7725 6S0A77286S0A7728 6S0A77276S0A7727 6S0A77316S0A7731 6S0A77346S0A7734 6S0A77406S0A7740 6S0A77376S0A7737 6S0A77356S0A7735 6S0A77426S0A7742 6S0A77456S0A7745 6S0A77476S0A7747 6S0A77466S0A7746 6S0A77636S0A7763 6S0A77646S0A7764 6S0A77816S0A7781 6S0A77726S0A7772 6S0A77856S0A7785 6S0A77906S0A7790 6S0A77936S0A7793 6S0A7798-26S0A7798-2 6S0A7802-26S0A7802-2 6S0A78046S0A7804 6S0A78096S0A7809

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HUNTER AND JONATHAN RAVENS VIEW WINE BAR CAREFREE ARIZONA Hunter and Jonathan's wedding was amazing! Raven's View wine bar in Cave Creek Arizona was a beautiful place for a small intimate wedding.

Just coming out of quarantine from Covid, this wedding was a postponement, and a lot smaller than originally planned. 

But that wasn't going to stop these two from getting married with close friends and family. 

And just a short drive up the hill from the bar, made for some amazing bridals! 

Seriously one of my favorite parts of a wedding! After all, these are usually the photos you get printed to hang on your walls!

22 66 99 1111 1515 1414 2121 2828 3030 2929 3232

I love doing first looks with bridesmaids! And in this case a bridesman too!  3333 3636 3535 3737 4141 4242 4343 4848 5252 5353


First looks with dads always get me! 


  6060 6565 6868 7272 7474 7373 7878 7979 8181 8686 8787 9090 9393 108108 109109 115115 120120 117117 121121 152152 164164 166166 168168 171171 177177 173173 185185 186186 184184 189189 191191 193193 206206 214214 221221 234234 267267 281281 283283 285285 287287 291291 297297 299299 301301 303303 307307 308308 305305 311311 310310 316316 317317 320320 323323 322322 324324 326326 327327 328328 330330 333333 342342 340340 348348 349349 350350 352352 360360 362362 363363 366366 372372 374374 378378 402402 404404 411411 420420 432432 447447 450450 527527 542542 555555 569569 572572

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HENISE FAMILY Tis the time of year when I do my family minis. The year is almost over and I've had the most amazing families this year!

I know, I say that every year. I love meeting new people and giving them photos to cherish for years to come! I'm truly lucky to have 

a job that I love so much! From the brides and grooms, to the seniors, to the families. 

Despite everything with Covid this year, I love how we have conquered and still come together to share these moments. 





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KIMBERLYN AND EARL THE VIEWS AT SUPERSTITION GOLD CANYON ARIZONA The Views at Superstition is a beautiful wedding venue located in Gold Canyon, Arizona. 

I absolutely love anywhere with a view of my favorite mountain in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Kimberlyn and Earl were awesome. They have an amazing family and they made me feel like I was part of the family on her wedding day. 

And don't forget the cake and deserts! Made by one of my favorite bakers in Phoenix, Sue Jacobs. 

44 88 1717 1818 2020 2323 2626 2727 3030 3131 3737 3838 4040 4141 4242 4646 4747 7272 7373 7474 7878 7777 147147 156156 195195 202202 207207 210210 218218 276276 279279 286286 288288 287287 300300 302302 312312 326326

]]> (ANITA MCLEOD PHOTOGRAPHY) arizona photographer gold canyon arizona gold canyon wedding venue phoenix bride phoenix wedding photographer phoenix weddings superstition mountains superstitions the views at superstition where to get married in gold canyon willcox willcox arizona willcox arizona photographer willcox family photos willcox photographer willcox wedding willcox wedding photographer Mon, 19 Oct 2020 19:13:46 GMT
BECKY AND PATRICK - WHISPERING TREE RANCH - LAVEEN ARIZONA WEDDING I'm slightly partial to the Whispering Tree Ranch, because I got married there myself back in 2015. 

It is such a beautiful venue! 

It's an old farmhouse turned into a wedding venue. 

I would totally live here if it was my venue!

I also have to say, this is the most classic grooms reaction I've ever seen over the years. 

It's one of my favorite moments to capture if couples don't do a first look. 

11 22 33 44 66 77 1010 1111 1212 1515 1717 2121 2323 3232 3333 4040 4242 4343 4444 5050 5353 5555 5656 5757 5959 6161 6363 6868 6969 7070 7373 7575 7777 7878 8181 8686 9494 101101 100100 111111 135135 139139 141141 143143 149149 150150 152152 155155 157157 158158 160160 161161 162162 165165 167167 168168 169169 171171 177177 202202 207207 209209 213213 214214 218218 219219 225225 227227 229229 231231 232232 235235 243243 246246 267267 296296 295295 299299 300300 303303 308308 310310 315315 314314 313313 316316 321321 327327


]]> (ANITA MCLEOD PHOTOGRAPHY) "scottsdale wedding photographer" arizona arizona photographer laveen arizona laveen arizona wedding phoenix arizona phoenix bride phoenix rustic wedding venue phoenix wedding phoenix wedding photographer wedding ideas whispering tree ranch willcox willcox arizona willcox arizona photographer willcox family photos willcox photographer willcox wedding willcox wedding photographer Sun, 18 Oct 2020 18:44:23 GMT
KOURTNEY AND COTY WINDMILL WINERY FLORENCE ARIZONA The Windmill Winery in Florence is a beautiful wedding venue. 

You can get married on the barn side or the lake house side. 

Kourtney and Coty got married on the barn side. 

I also just did a wedding on the lake house side, so stay tuned for images from that!

22 44 66 88 99 1010 1111 1212 1313 1616 1818 1919 2121 2323 2525 2727 2828 3333 3737 4242 4444 4545 4848 5151 5454 5656 5858 101101 104104 117117 120120 126126 153153 162162 171171 196196 197197 200200 201201 204204 213213 215215 217217 219219 220220 228228 231231 240240 241241 244244 267267 269269 271271 273273 287287 312312 321321

]]> (ANITA MCLEOD PHOTOGRAPHY) arizona photographer arizona wedding photographer florence arizona florence wedding phoenix bride phoenix wedding photographer phoenix weddings willcox willcox arizona willcox arizona photographer willcox family photos willcox photographer willcox wedding willcox wedding photographer windmill winery winery wedding Tue, 13 Oct 2020 21:00:50 GMT
SAVE THE DATE AND CHANGE THE DATE CARDS Save the date and invitations are a must!

I love being able to send my brides to a place where they can find everything they need for save the dates and invitations.

It really takes a lot of stress away having it all in one place!

I love a simple place and process for save the date templates and wedding invitation templates. Especially those that are fully customizable.

At basic invite, you can find anything and everything you're looking for. 

Here you can find the save the date template.

And here are the change the date templates. 

You can get custom samples to see paper quality and color before ordering. 

There's also over 40 different colors of envelopes to choose from.

They are just as colorful with their envelopes as they are with their invitations. You can make your invitation stand out even before it is opened. 

Photo Dec 13, 11 35 49 AMPhoto Dec 13, 11 35 49 AMProcessed with VSCO with a9 preset

Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows customers almost unlimited color options with instant previews online.

You can change the color of each element on a card, with over 180 different color options.

The card can be exactly how you want it, down to the smallest detail.

That completely sets them apart from any other online stationery company.

ColorsColors Ombre 1Ombre 1 Antique Elegance 2 SquareAntique Elegance 2 Square

More-FoilMore-Foil Photo Nov 14, 4 19 41 PMPhoto Nov 14, 4 19 41 PMProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

 There are over 900 different sets.  

Each of their wedding invitations is part of a set.

They have all of the wedding stationery you need, like save the dates, wedding invitations, enclosure cards, wedding menus, wedding programs, and

even matching thank you cards!

Photo Dec 13, 11 43 13 AMPhoto Dec 13, 11 43 13 AMProcessed with VSCO with a9 preset Slack for iOS Upload-2Slack for iOS Upload-2 Photo Dec 13, 11 17 48 AMPhoto Dec 13, 11 17 48 AMProcessed with VSCO with a9 preset

They also have seal and send wedding invitations. They are an all-in-one invitation with tear off RSVP postcards included!

 It's one of the newest collections and is very popular among the brides!

There are over 30 designs and are completely customizable like all of the others. 

What's special about the Seal & Sends is that the guest's addresses are printed on the front of each invitation so no envelope is necessary!

All you have to do is share a link, collect guest addresses, and upload them onto your design.

Once you receive your order all you have to do is add postage, fold your invites, and secure them with a sticker! Simple and easy.


File Apr 28, 2 50 34 PMFile Apr 28, 2 50 34 PM Photo Nov 17, 3 43 21 PMPhoto Nov 17, 3 43 21 PMProcessed with VSCO with a9 preset


They also have free wedding sites!

They are completely customizable! It's a great way to keep everything in one place!

They're mobile friendly and super easy to use.

You can instantly upload all of your wedding details, along with images, and a convenient map with directions for your guests.

Choose from 180 custom colors, and a design suite to match your wedding invitations!

You can find them on social media here!








]]> (ANITA MCLEOD PHOTOGRAPHY) bride wedding ideas change the date save the date save the date cards wedding invitation ideas wedding invitations wedding save the date willcox willcox arizona willcox arizona photographer willcox family photos willcox photographer willcox wedding willcox wedding photographer Tue, 15 Sep 2020 00:59:57 GMT
SARAH AND TJ Sarah and Tj were so amazing to shoot with! I can't wait to shoot their wedding next April!

This engagement session was shot at Papago Park in Phoenix, Arizona. 

One of my absolute favorite places to shoot! 

I love it when clients pick my favorite locations to do a session at!

That golden hour sun at the end of the session was to die for! If I could shoot in just golden hour, every time I shoot, 

I would be so happy! I just love the moodiness and warmth of a good golden hour glow!

6S0A33556S0A3355 6S0A33606S0A3360 6S0A33666S0A3366 6S0A33756S0A3375 6S0A33866S0A3386 6S0A33916S0A3391 6S0A34096S0A3409 6S0A34106S0A3410 6S0A34126S0A3412 6S0A34146S0A3414 6S0A34306S0A3430 6S0A34366S0A3436 6S0A34386S0A3438 6S0A34436S0A3443 6S0A34456S0A3445 6S0A34476S0A3447 6S0A34506S0A3450 6S0A34546S0A3454 6S0A34796S0A3479 6S0A35066S0A3506 6S0A35166S0A3516 6S0A35196S0A3519 6S0A35216S0A3521 6S0A35266S0A3526 6S0A35276S0A3527 6S0A35296S0A3529 6S0A35316S0A3531 6S0A35306S0A3530 6S0A35336S0A3533 6S0A35376S0A3537 6S0A35406S0A3540 6S0A35416S0A3541

]]> (ANITA MCLEOD PHOTOGRAPHY) "phoenix arizona photographer" "phoenix weddings" "arizona wedding photographer" arizona photographer arizona wedding photographer engagement session ideas phoenix arizona papago park papago park engagement session phoenix bride phoenix photographer phoenix wedding photographer Wed, 26 Aug 2020 21:33:37 GMT
LORI AND JACE I absolutely loved everything about this session!

I look forward to shooting this beautiful couples wedding. 

The Riparian Preserve is one of my favorite places to shoot. 

I know, everywhere is my favorite place to shoot. I just love Arizona so much!

I'm pretty sure I'm obsessed with everywhere in my home state. 

Arizona has so much to offer, and so many beautiful places. 

6S0A55736S0A5573 6S0A55776S0A5577 6S0A55806S0A5580 6S0A55856S0A5585 6S0A55886S0A5588 6S0A55906S0A5590 6S0A56056S0A5605 6S0A56156S0A5615 6S0A56236S0A5623 6S0A56276S0A5627 6S0A56416S0A5641 6S0A56476S0A5647 6S0A56496S0A5649 6S0A56536S0A5653 6S0A56566S0A5656 6S0A56656S0A5665 6S0A56926S0A5692 6S0A57056S0A5705 6S0A57086S0A5708 6S0A57106S0A5710 6S0A57136S0A5713 6S0A57126S0A5712 6S0A57156S0A5715 6S0A57196S0A5719 6S0A57186S0A5718 6S0A57206S0A5720 6S0A57266S0A5726 6S0A57236S0A5723 6S0A57216S0A5721 6S0A57226S0A5722 6S0A57276S0A5727 6S0A57356S0A5735 6S0A57366S0A5736


]]> (ANITA MCLEOD PHOTOGRAPHY) arizona photographer engagement photography engagement photography ideas gilbert engagement session phoenix arizona photographer phoenix bride phoenix weddings riparian preserve Sun, 26 Jul 2020 01:43:31 GMT
COMMUNITY OVER COMPETITION PHOENIX PHOTOGRAPHERS COLLAGES The Phoenix photography community is strong. Our motto is Community over Competition and it definitely shows. We do styled shoots together, big meetups, refer each other out and so much more. 

I was planning on doing one collage, but had so much interest, I ended up doing three of them. 

The Phoenix community is much more than just photographers. 

It's florists, bakers, wedding planners, invitation makers, venues, bridal dress shops, hair and makeup artists.

The majority all of them are locally owned. 

The photography community has been hit, as well as our clients. Weddings canceled, photographers not able to do birth and newborn sessions.

Not being able to get those one year smashcake sessions in. Birthday parties being missed. Maternity photos on hold. 

We can't wait to capture your lives again soon, until then, keep smiling and stay hopeful Phoenix, AZ. Love, your local photographers.

Stay strong Arizona!








Participating photographers

Click on the link to see more of their work and what they offer!

Collage one

we @anitamcleodphotography

can’t @cosmogirl35

wait @nadiabaxterphoto

to @redsidephotos

capture @mandyraephoto

your @ksl_wedding

lives @kristenhennke

again @afettography

soon @amydangerfieldphotography

until @davebentleyphotography

then @candice_krause_photography

keep @twinlensstudios

smiling @brennaleighphotography

and stay @carlydaniellephotography

hopeful @alishahunsakerphoto

Phoenix AZ @ryannlindseyphotography

love @brandybrittonphoto

your @photographybyjessicacook

local @jessicaqphoto

photographers @unspeakablejoyphotograpy

Collage two

we @maria.crisafulli.photography1

can’t @michelleeveraphoto

wait @deniseana

 to @blackmurnsphotography

capture @mandyraephoto

your @marthafelixphotography

lives @darahdoesphotos

again @bremariephotographyaz

soon @paolaandreaphotography

until @andreawhittlephotography

then @desertbornphoto

keep @kelselizabethphoto

smiling @sungmoonphoto

and stay @loraleejoy

 hopeful @alishahunsakerphoto

Phoenix Az @mindydeluca

love @patchworkphotog

your @tarynschaephotos

local @leavethemwildphotography

photographers @boudoir_by_julie_arroyo

Collage three

we @christalrosephotography

can’t @matthewwheelerphoto

wait @deniseana

to @mintysnaps

capture @marthafelixphotography

your @eyeofodin_studios

lives @msjessphotography

again @stephanitlindseyphotography

soon @maryann_bradley_photography

until @ashleyflugphotography

then @londonslens

keep @v2imags

smiling @brim_qoh_photos

and stay @michellohoffmanphotography

hopeful @sugarplum_photography_by_kj

Phoenix AZ @brittanynemecphotography

love @rayjeanphotography

your @cathicenatiempo

local @saypixeldust

photographers @essexphotoco

Thank you to everyone for making this vision come to life!





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GINA FACETIME SESSION With everything going on in the world right now, non essential businesses are shut down. And that unfortunately means photographers are too. 

I am working on my shop and prints will be available for purchase soon. I'm really excited about that! 

Weddings being canceled or postponed, engagement sessions being postponed. 

It's a tough time being a creative right now. But thankfully, I belong to some amazing groups of creatives and we are all supporting each other through this. The amount of creativity I'm seeing is absolutely amazing. The amount of support everyone shows in these groups is amazing as well, and I am so happy to have them. 

So Gina and I decided to try some FaceTime action. 

We did pretty good. We make an incredible team in person, so I knew we would rock the FaceTime shoot!

We did have a little help from her boyfriend Ryan, who was the phone holder/direction taker! 

We got so many incredible shots in such a short amount of time! 

These images are perfect for social media and a print probably no bigger than a 4x6 because of the cell phone quality.

I had to throw in some creative shots with my old camera collection too!

I absolutely love creating art with Gina and can't wait to shoot in person when this is all over. 

Until then, stay strong and healthy everyone. We will get through this. 

6S0A29126S0A2912 6S0A29146S0A2914 6S0A29156S0A2915 6S0A29166S0A2916 6S0A29176S0A2917 6S0A29186S0A2918 BNPJ6310BNPJ6310FaceTime Photo AORX8903AORX8903FaceTime Photo ETIE0479ETIE0479FaceTime Photo HBSX8408HBSX8408FaceTime Photo HZMM2177HZMM2177FaceTime Photo IKQH4291IKQH4291FaceTime Photo IDFG3503IDFG3503FaceTime Photo KLSE1534KLSE1534FaceTime Photo KOBV6836KOBV6836FaceTime Photo LERW7338LERW7338FaceTime Photo KZVZ6265KZVZ6265FaceTime Photo KYCN1436KYCN1436FaceTime Photo LILN2372LILN2372FaceTime Photo LLCM4789LLCM4789FaceTime Photo MHKM4453MHKM4453FaceTime Photo NFUV3582NFUV3582FaceTime Photo OYCB2993OYCB2993FaceTime Photo NTTO1970NTTO1970FaceTime Photo PDZS1389PDZS1389FaceTime Photo NVBE8910NVBE8910FaceTime Photo QYLS2319textureQYLS2319textureFaceTime Photo ROFX3477ROFX3477FaceTime Photo SFJK4108SFJK4108FaceTime Photo TDXE7633TDXE7633FaceTime Photo UWWX1312UWWX1312FaceTime Photo TZEK8154TZEK8154FaceTime Photo WATD3326WATD3326FaceTime Photo WLCK8361WLCK8361FaceTime Photo


]]> (ANITA MCLEOD PHOTOGRAPHY) arizona photographer corona virus facetime photo session covid 19 photo session facetime facetime photo session phoenix boudoir photographer phoenix photographer phoenix wedding photographer Fri, 17 Apr 2020 21:06:26 GMT
HALEY AND JAKE DESERT BOTANICAL GARDENS ENGAGEMENT SESSION, PHOENIX ARIZONA Haley and Jake were such a fun couple for their engagement session, I cannot wait to photograph their wedding March 2021!

They chose the Desert Botanical Gardens from my list of places I provide to my clients. 

It is one of my favorite places to go, whether it's for a session or just to go admire and photograph the beautiful plants, trees and flowers they have there. 

When your session starts out this amazing, you know you are in for some amazing shots! 

The love these two have for each other is just so adorable!


6S0A13906S0A1390 6S0A13916S0A1391

We walked around and there was not a spot that would not disappoint! I could have photographed these two for hours!

6S0A13996S0A1399 6S0A14006S0A1400 6S0A14016S0A1401 6S0A14036S0A1403 How beautiful is she!


The colors they chose for their first outfit looked amazing with the desert scenery. 

6S0A14126S0A1412 6S0A14136S0A1413 6S0A14146S0A1414 6S0A14156S0A1415 6S0A14166S0A1416 6S0A14116S0A1411 6S0A14206S0A1420 6S0A14316S0A1431 6S0A14356S0A1435 6S0A14416S0A1441 6S0A14456S0A1445 6S0A14476S0A1447 6S0A14496S0A1449 6S0A14516S0A1451 6S0A14536S0A1453 6S0A14576S0A1457 6S0A14586S0A1458 6S0A14616S0A1461 6S0A14626S0A1462 6S0A14656S0A1465 6S0A14666S0A1466 6S0A14676S0A1467 6S0A14926S0A1492 6S0A15026S0A1502 6S0A15076S0A1507 6S0A15086S0A1508 6S0A15096S0A1509 6S0A15116S0A1511 6S0A15136S0A1513 6S0A15206S0A1520 6S0A15216S0A1521 6S0A15246S0A1524 6S0A15266S0A1526 6S0A15296S0A1529 6S0A15306S0A1530 6S0A15326S0A1532 6S0A15336S0A1533 6S0A15356S0A1535 6S0A15366S0A1536 6S0A15376S0A1537 6S0A15436S0A1543 6S0A15516S0A1551 6S0A15476S0A1547

6S0A15546S0A1554 6S0A15576S0A1557 6S0A15586S0A1558 6S0A15626S0A1562 6S0A15636S0A1563 6S0A15656S0A1565 6S0A15696S0A1569 6S0A15726S0A1572 6S0A15806S0A1580 6S0A15836S0A1583 6S0A15866S0A1586 6S0A15886S0A1588 6S0A15906S0A1590 6S0A15936S0A1593 6S0A15976S0A1597 6S0A15986S0A1598 6S0A16006S0A1600 6S0A16046S0A1604 6S0A16056S0A1605 6S0A16086S0A1608 6S0A16116S0A1611 6S0A16156S0A1615 6S0A16166S0A1616 6S0A16176S0A1617 6S0A16186S0A1618 6S0A16196S0A1619 6S0A16226S0A1622 6S0A16286S0A1628 6S0A16316S0A1631 6S0A16306S0A1630

]]> (ANITA MCLEOD PHOTOGRAPHY) "chandler photographer" "phoenix arizona photographer" "phoenix weddings" arizona photographer phoenix bride phoenix photographer phoenix wedding photographer Tue, 07 Apr 2020 18:04:25 GMT
ASHLEY FAMILY SESSION SUPERSTITION MOUNTAINS APACHE JUNCTION ARIZONA I first met Ashley before I started my photography career. I met Ashley back in 2009 when we moved back to Arizona and she came in to get her hair done.

She has been one of my biggest supporters in my photography career. I have been photographing her and her kids for quite a while now. 

She's been there from the beginning and I'm thankful for the friendship and support. 

And it could not have been better at my favorite mountain to go to in Phoenix, Arizona. The Superstition Mountains. There is just beauty all around Arizona and I am so lucky to have been born and raised here!



6S0A06246S0A0624 6S0A06186S0A0618

6S0A06266S0A0626 6S0A06286S0A0628 6S0A06356S0A0635 6S0A06376S0A0637 6S0A06406S0A0640 6S0A06516S0A0651 6S0A06526S0A0652 6S0A06566S0A0656 6S0A06606S0A0660 6S0A06636S0A0663 6S0A06696S0A0669 6S0A06706S0A0670 6S0A06716S0A0671 6S0A06726S0A0672 6S0A06746S0A0674 6S0A06756S0A0675 6S0A06766S0A0676 6S0A06796S0A0679 6S0A06816S0A0681 6S0A06826S0A0682 6S0A07076S0A0707 6S0A07226S0A0722 6S0A07306S0A0730 6S0A07346S0A0734 6S0A07366S0A0736 6S0A07406S0A0740 6S0A07396S0A0739 6S0A07446S0A0744 6S0A07466S0A0746

]]> (ANITA MCLEOD PHOTOGRAPHY) "phoenix arizona photographer" "phoenix family photographer" "phoenix weddings" "arizona family photographer" "chandler photographer" arizona photographer phoenix photographer phoenix wedding photographer willcox willcox arizona willcox arizona photographer willcox family photos willcox photographer willcox wedding willcox wedding photographer Mon, 30 Mar 2020 00:55:02 GMT
JOCELYNN AND MATT I absolutely loved this backyard wedding in Tubac, Arizona! 

The attention to detail, and the property was just beautiful!  1010 This spot by the horse arenas made for a beautiful first look!

1414 1818 2020 2222 2323 Matt shared a few sweet words with Jocelyn. It was such a tender, sweet moment.


I always love the details!

2828 3434 3333 3131 4444 4545 5252 5353 5858 5959 6161 6464 6565 7979 8686 8787 9696 108108 109109

111111 112112 114114 113113 119119 121121 126126 123123

This quaint area behind the house made for some amazing shots!

130130 131131 133133 138138 140140 180180 182182 181181 The ceremony was beautiful!

These two grandmas made the best flower girls!


215215 217217 218218 227227 226226 225225 229229 228228 235235 236236 239239 241241 242242 247247 251251 253253 252252 255255

And they did it!!  285285 286286 288288 289289 292292 291291

]]> (ANITA MCLEOD PHOTOGRAPHY) arizona bride arizona photographer arizona wedding photographer backyard wedding bride and groom phoenix bride phoenix photographer phoenix wedding phoenix wedding photographer tucson bride tucson wedding tucson wedding photographer willcox willcox arizona willcox arizona photographer willcox family photos willcox photographer willcox wedding willcox wedding photographer Mon, 17 Feb 2020 20:55:46 GMT
TYLER 2019 FAMILY SESSION I am loving the family sessions this fall! I typically shoot weddings and boudoir, and have my projects going.

But I always make time for family sessions in the fall! I love seeing new faces and returning clients, year after year. 

Seeing how big the kids got from the year before. I just love fall family sessions!

I enjoyed meeting Tyler, James and their two little ones. 

They have a beautiful family! 

We tried to get the dogs in at the end, and well.........

You'll see how that went at the end. 

6S0A92786S0A9278 6S0A92726S0A9272 6S0A92856S0A9285 6S0A92906S0A9290 6S0A92966S0A9296 6S0A92916S0A9291 6S0A92976S0A9297 6S0A93006S0A9300 6S0A93066S0A9306 6S0A93166S0A9316

6S0A93126S0A9312 6S0A93256S0A9325

]]> (ANITA MCLEOD PHOTOGRAPHY) arizona family photographs chandler family photographer family photographer family pictures photo gallery photo shoot portrait photographer willcox willcox arizona willcox arizona family session willcox arizona photographer willcox family photographer willcox family photos willcox photographer willcox wedding willcox wedding photographer Mon, 23 Dec 2019 22:17:21 GMT
KAYLEE AND DOMINIC Kaylee and Dominic's wedding was going to be the last wedding I shot before our big move to Reno. 

I am happy to announce that we aren't moving! We are staying in sunny Arizona!

Arizona is our home. I am an Arizona Native, born and raised in Tucson. 

I am a desert rat, and I love my home!

I absolutely loved everything about this beautiful wedding with my favorite mountain in Phoenix in the background, the Superstitions. 

There is a lot of history there and the gold of the Lost Duchman mine.  427427

417417 422422 265265 408408 196196 346346 399399 652652 656656

6060 139139 150150 181181 221221 223223 224224 227227 284284 337337 340340 343343 336336 364364 397397 394394 514514

]]> (ANITA MCLEOD PHOTOGRAPHY) arizona wedding engaged in arizona phoenix bride phoenix wedding phoenix wedding photographer wedding photographer arizona willcox willcox arizona willcox arizona photographer willcox family photos willcox photographer willcox wedding willcox wedding photographer Mon, 23 Dec 2019 01:24:43 GMT
TRIP TO RENO AND VIRGINIA CITY My husband has been working out of town lately and he is in Reno now.  It's been a long time of him working out of town and months apart from each other, traveling back and forth to spend time together. I am still in Arizona. I recently made the trip out to Reno to go house hunting and visit my husband. He was born in Reno and I was excited for him to show me around town. He showed me the house he grew up in, his grandma's house by Washoe Lake, and many other places. I was also happy to be out there for his birthday, where we took the trip to North Lake Tahoe. And boy is it as beautiful as it looks online! We didn't stay long since we didn't have much time because he had to be back to work the next day. So we left the lake early and ventured to Virginia City. 

Driving in was awesome, unfortunately we didn't see any wild horses, but when I drove his car up a few weeks before this visit, I saw them running on the hills, and it was so majestic! And if anyone knows me, they know I absolutely love wild horses and photograph them often! Mostly in Maricopa AZ, and the Salt River in Arizona. But I have seen and photographed them in Page, AZ and Pinetop, AZ as well. I have those for sale online. I add more photos constantly so keep an eye out often! I can't wait to photograph the beautiful wild horses in Nevada!

You can find my art here: Art Gallery Website

Back to our trip to Virginia City, The drive in was beautiful. My heart will still be in the beauty of the Arizona desert, but I'm excited for new adventures!

Virginia City is, or was one of the largest mining towns in the US. They have tunnels that span about 700 miles underground. 

Our first stop was the Fourth Ward School. We spent a lot of time here, because we love reading the history on places. My husband more than me. Because I love to take photos.  Most everything you see from the school is original. The kids were even allowed to sign the walls as the school was going to get torn down, but they ended up keeping it up and have refurbished most of it. The wood floors, chalkboards are all original, as well as the switchboard that a blind lady ran for nearly 45 years. They typing room was so loud for the rest of the school, they built a room in the room for the students to type so the noise wasn't as loud. There is so much I learned and so much more to learn about this amazing city with so much history. I will definitely blog more from my next trip there! 

We stopped at quite a few shops that had awesome stuff inside and I'm definitely going to go back once I get up there permanently to get some decor for the house! 


6S0A93976S0A9397 6S0A94036S0A9403 6S0A94056S0A9405 All of the organs were the originals.

6S0A94106S0A9410 6S0A94116S0A9411 6S0A94126S0A9412 6S0A94136S0A9413 6S0A94176S0A9417 6S0A94256S0A9425 6S0A94266S0A9426 6S0A94276S0A9427 6S0A94286S0A9428 6S0A94346S0A9434 6S0A94356S0A9435 6S0A94366S0A9436 6S0A94376S0A9437 6S0A94396S0A9439 6S0A94416S0A9441

Next, we made it to the Washoe Club. And if you watch Ghost Hunters like I do, you will know that's where they got their start, and have been back to Virginia City a few times to ghost hunt there again and they have visited MacKay Mansion too. It was awesome to see the Washoe Club in person. Carl, our tour guide, who you can see on episodes was awesome. Unfortunately, we stayed in the museum too long around closing time and I didn't get a chance to buy his book and get it signed, but I'll be back for that too! And I'm pretty sure I captured Lena the ghosts face in between the banisters because it's not on every photo I took and my EMF meter was going crazy!  At one point upstairs, it was going crazy, and we walked through a really cold spot. I'm definitely going to be going back to do the tour again and hopefully catch some ghosts on camera! We saw the door that slammed in an episode of Ghost Hunters, and saw the crypt where they kept the dead bodies in the winter because the ground outside was too cold to dig graves. Eew. We were standing in a room where dead people were kept. We definitely won't be doing the overnight tour. We are not that brave! Especially knowing about the people that stayed there, the suicides that happened and the ghosts that haunt the place. We didn't have time to see MacKay Mansion, so definitely going back for that too!

6S0A94426S0A9442 6S0A94536S0A9453 6S0A94546S0A9454 6S0A94586S0A9458 6S0A94606S0A9460 6S0A94666S0A9466 6S0A94676S0A9467 6S0A94686S0A9468 6S0A94696S0A9469 6S0A94706S0A9470 6S0A94906S0A9490

The door that slammed on the last episode of Ghost Hunters. You can see the crack underneath the handle.  6S0A94916S0A9491 6S0A94926S0A9492 6S0A94976S0A9497 6S0A94466S0A9446 6S0A95066S0A9506 MVIMG_20190812_175023MVIMG_20190812_175023


It's a little grainy and hard to see, but there's definitely a face in there! It's slightly tilted to the side. But I can see the eyes and a nose and hair for sure. Did I get Lena on camera?

You can read more information on the Washoe Club history here.  How cool is it that we were standing where people like Mark Twain once stood!

 I can't wait to go back to Tahoe also and explore the beautiful scenery there and go fishing! 


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ILEANA Absolutely love everything about this session! When doing a boudoir session, especially outdoors, your comfort level in the outfits you choose is key to a great session and how you feel. You can cover up as much, or as little as you want! My boudoir magazine that you get with your booking will go over this. And I am here to help you every step of the way! 


I like to arrive at our session early to scope the place out, and find some awesome spots to shoot in! We started in this beautiful walkway covered in trees and greenery. It was so dreamy!

6S0A90746S0A9074 Her makeup was perfection! 


This is my favorite from this set! 

6S0A91066S0A9106 We ventured into this empty marsh and it made for the most epic photos! 



It really brought these photos to life!

6S0A91186S0A9118 In your session, I will help you with posing and how to create natural movement. I just love the natural unposed look!


My goal is to make you feel comfortable and come up with natural poses that make you look your best!

After all, boudoir is a statement of you and boudoir sessions are so empowering!


I promise, we will create some magic together!


I 6S0A91626S0A9162

This outfit worked so perfectly, we didn't even need a wardrobe change!

6S0A91676S0A9167 You wouldn't believe we were at a local preserve!

It's one of my favorite places to shoot in Arizona. The scenery constantly changes!

6S0A91706S0A9170 6S0A91856S0A9185

And then came sunset. We stuck around to get some epic golden hour/sunset photos!

The light kept changing and it was so amazing!

6S0A91946S0A9194 6S0A92016S0A9201 Literally nothing beats a beautiful Arizona sunset!

6S0A92126S0A9212 They are the most magical sunsets I have ever seen! 

I will definitely miss these sunsets when we move to Reno, Nevada. 

Arizona will always be my home! 

If you're interested booking a session in Arizona, I am always willing to travel back for a wedding, elopement or boudoir session!

Just send me a message through my contact page!


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ASHLEE AND FERNANDO I absolutely loved everything about this session! 

Fernando and I go back to high school.So when he contacted me to do a couples session with him and his fiance, 

of course I said yes! Fernando and I were in marching band together.  Yes, I was in marching band! 

I played flute and piccolo! It was such a pleasure to meet Ashlee. She is such a doll!  6S0A47086S0A4708 For their session, we met in the middle. I was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona and that is where Ashlee and Fernando live.

I live in the Phoenix, Arizona area now. Soon to be moving to Reno, Nevada. So we met in the middle at one of my favorite places, Picacho Peak.

6S0A47176S0A4717 The overcast really made for an amazing session! 


We had a lot of laughs and had so many amazing photos! 6S0A47316S0A4731   6S0A47516S0A4751 I always love a good walking and laughing photo!

6S0A47806S0A4780 I mean, how beautiful is that background! With my love of nature, I really love to showcase the beauty in the scenery in my photos!


6S0A48416S0A4841 How beautiful is this ring! I absolutely love ring shots! 

6S0A48476S0A4847 It looks pretty good on this old cactus too!

6S0A48706S0A4870 What a way to end a session! I'm looking forward to getting up to Reno, Nevada and exploring the beautiful scenery up there! Although the Arizona 

desert is just one of the most beautiful places ever! And I'm lucky to have grown up and lived in such a beautiful place!

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MADDI AND JAMES ENGAGEMENT Since we love Engagement sessions so much, I'm going to share another one! 

Meet Maddi and James! 

We had an amazing time at their session at the Superstition Mountains in Phoenix, Arizona. 

I absolutely love the Superstitions! Not only are they beautiful, there are great stories that go along with them. 

Including the story of the lost gold and the many lives lost from people trying to find it to the petroglyphs and the beautiful waterfalls that you can hike to. 

We will be sharing their wedding in a future post, so stay tuned! 



Gah, aren't these two just so adorable! I absolutely love the desert too! 


Engagement sessions really do get you ready for that big day! 

IMG_5687IMG_5687 I love taking walks and finding little pockets and spots like this one!


Isn't the Arizona desert beautiful!!

IMG_5721IMG_5721 How majestic is this mountain! If you get it in the right time of year, the sunset casts a shadow that looks like a cougar!


I absolutely love making my couples laugh! 


I love capturing raw emotion and genuine moments! 

IMG_5777IMG_5777 And how about that bling!



Outfit changes are always fun! You can dress up as much or as little as you like! I do suggest one dressier outfit and one dressed down. Makes for some variety.



Smell her ear. What? Seriously, smell her ear. Bam! Instant laughter! 

IMG_5852IMG_5852 We sure had fun during this session with a lot of laughs! 


Have to love the spinning photos! 

Stay tuned in a future blog for this awesome couples wedding!



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WHY ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS ARE IMPORTANT Today I want to talk about the importance of an Engagement session.  IMG_3183IMG_3183

Engagements are not only a great way to capture images of that beautiful new ring, they are also a great way for you and your fiance to get comfortable in front of the camera! 

IMG_3202IMG_3202 Engagement sessions serve many purposes. They are great for save the dates and invitations! Which I do design for my clients! IMG_4714IMG_4714

Engagement sessions are a great way to showcase your love for each other! 

IMG_4765IMG_4765 We can head to the spot you first met, where you had your first date, or an epic session out in nature! (Which are secretly my favorite!) I work very hard on finding the most epic and beautiful locations for my clients!

IMG_4787IMG_4787 Wherever it may be, we will have loads of fun! I will work with you on styling and location and love when my clients send me photos of their outfit ideas! 

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LINDA AND AARON I loved everything about Linda and Aaron's wedding! I know, I say that about every wedding, but every wedding has it's own uniqueness. I love the details in every wedding. The special touches that the bride and groom choose. The colors and flower combinations, and the venues attention to detail to make every couple's dream wedding come true. 


These guest gifts with an Arizona symbol/flag were the best! 

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